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Deciding where you want to travel is easy. But planning the trip itself isn’t.

Do you really want to spend could spend hours endlessly searching online and getting overwhelmed by the mass amount of information out there? Probably not. So get back your time (and sanity) and let me help you.

with me as your guide,

your next trip to will be so much more

than just another vacation.

it will be a memory making experience

your family will never forget.

let me take the lead while you relax & look forward to your next adventure.

You’re ready to travel more, but don’t have the time or energy needed to plan and book the experience you’re hoping for. You’ve learned that planning an unforgettable vacation isn’t something you can just find online and click add to cart. Plus there’s the overwhelming pressure of planning a trip that is Instagram worthy and that is enough to make you avoid taking one — despite the fact that you’re dreaming of taking that milestone family trip.

Well look no further because the overwhelming stress, decision-making fatigue, and constant question of "Where do I begin?" ends right here. You’ve found a trustworthy travel expert who will design that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Custom Travel Planning

I design your entire itinerary based on your travel style and needs. You tell me about your vacation vision and I offer expert guidance and insight. I’ll prepare and book your travel, offer continued support from the months leading up to your vacation and while you’re in-destination.

Hotel-Only Booking

If you’ve already picked out accommodations for your vacation, I am able to book your hotel as a complimentary service. And when booked through me, you’ll often receive VIP perks and upgrades that elevate your entire experience.

A La Carte Services

From theme park tickets to sourcing accommodations to helping plan out your day at Disney - I can help!

Note: Depending on the level of help needed, a fee may be included.

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Have another destination in mind?

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know where you’d love to go.

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I’m Elisa!

I’m an Independent Travel Agent with Cupcake Castles Travel Company, where I get to combine my love for travel and planning. I honestly can’t get enough when it comes to creating custom vacations that give your family some much need time together exploring fun, new places.

I’m originally from a little town in SoCal, but now live in Columbus, Oh with my husband and little black cat, Mädchen. Our favorite part about living in the midwest is how easy it is to travel all over the country.

I look forward to getting to know each other so I can help you find the best destinations, resorts, and experiences that your family will enjoy.

Travel isn’t only about being on the go and seeing new things, but about taking the time to slow down, unplug from regular life, and reconnect with those you love.

I look forward to helping your family create amazing memories and bring the vacation your family has always talked about to life.

when you work with me, you can expect:

  • 24/7 concierge service during your vacation
  • Customized day-to-day itineraries and transportation
  • Recommendations for Tours, Excursions, Restaurants & Hidden Gems
  • Reservations for Dinners, the Spa, and Magical Extras

I handle every detail to create your ultimate trip, no matter how unique.

you know what you won’t find on instagram?

A ready made vacation itinerary that is tailored to your family’s needs.

So instead of relying on social media to piece together your travel plans, you can trust me with my experience and ability to design the trip you can’t stop thinking about.

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